Look! Our New Look!

Some of you will recognize that the Charlotte Awake website has undergone a complete overhaul designed to simplify our message and to point you quickly in the right direction. The role of websites has changed over the years because people rely more on their smartphones for information.

We have also listened to your feedback on our website. Most people come to check us out. They want to know who we are and what we do.


Charlotte Awake began as a prayer intercession movement in Charlotte almost twenty years ago. It continues to be so, joined by many. We are without formal membership but have a clear calling and anointing for prayer.


Charlotte Awake has three focus areas of ministry.

First, we continue to be a banner for prayer over the city. Our website redesign also signals a clear return to our roots. The PRAYER BLOG, for now, will be our primary form of communication, though we also maintain an email list. Sign up below if you want to be on it. Trust me when I say we do not SPAM you!

Second, Charlotte Awake is a church multiplication ministry to make small communities of disciples who make other communities of disciples. Notice, we don’t just train disciples who make disciples. We do that. But we focus on multiplying “communities of disciples.” Traditionally, that would be called “church planting,” but we call them “Clusters” to highlight our focus on creating smaller congregation networks. Sometimes Clusters meet in homes and sometimes in public places. The key is “small.”

Third, Charlotte Awake has launched a new ministry called “Wisdom of Old Soles” (spelled that way intentionally), directed toward GenZ youth (born 1995-2012). This ministry gathers in person but has online training and outreach to accelerate disciple-making multiplication. Lord willing, the online component will be live later in 2021. The in-person training ministry for GenZ leaders already exists and is growing.


For more information on prayer, follow the PRAYER BLOG.

To follow what we do in growing the church in New Testament ways, click on the CHURCH AWAKE BLOG. We will be adding new podcasts and videos very soon.

To follow the progress of Wisdom of Old Soles, for now, click on the CHURCH AWAKE BLOG. Very soon, though, the link will take you to the Wisdom of Old Soles (WoS) platform. Notice I did not say, “website.” We are building an interactive platform (think Facebook, not your local restaurant).

The WoS platform will also carry all of David’s teaching even before the WoS platform goes entirely live. We will publish the links on the CHURCH AWAKE BLOG. Or if you sign up for our email, you will hear about it there first.


We live in spiritually dark times, but the gospel’s opportunities are among the greatest I have seen in my lifetime. Our lights shine brightest in the darkness. Prayer remains central to who we are and what we do. Think of our prayers as the matches that light the kindling, that burn the campfires, that swell into a bonfire of the Holy Spirit’s much-needed presence in our city. Charlotte Awake has no members. That would make no sense. Charlotte Awake is everyone who the Lord calls to stand on our city’s wall to watch and pray faithfully. He is coming soon, and His Spirit precedes Him with an outpouring we have not seen in our lifetimes. We need it.

About Three in the Morning

About Three in the Morning

About three in the morning as we were continuing instant in prayer, the power of God came mightily upon us, insomuch that many cried out for exceeding joy and many fell to the ground. As soon as we were recovered a little from that awe and amazement at the presence of his majesty we broke out with one voice, “We praise thee O God; we acknowledge thee to be the Lord.” (JOHN WESLEY)

Why do we not now experience such occurrences regularly or even at all? Just asking…

Charlotte Awake Intercessors

Charlotte Awake Intercessors

I have been in prayer for months about these matters. To say we live in uncertain and turbulent times would be as blatantly obvious as Jeremiah saying there are Babylonians at the doorsteps. My purpose is, therefore, not to restate the obvious and further frighten the faithful. Instead, at this moment, I want to whisper a reminder of something I believe most of us in Charlotte Awake heard years ago as we were praying.

Charlotte Awake was born in the early 2000s from a prayer burden given to its founders— people like Mary Lance and Bob Sisk—and many of you reading this letter. Forgive me for not mentioning you all by name, but permit me to acknowledge a heartfelt debt of gratitude for your years of faithful intercession for God’s kingdom and our city. I do not have everyone’s addresses or emails, so please forward this letter to anyone you feel needs to read it.

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