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Why We’re Here

Our Goal: To help the church reach the next generations through relationally-rich, healthy congregations where disciples make new disciples, leaders train new leaders, and congregations continually plant new congregations.

Our Vision: We seek to establish 500 new church congregations in Charlotte that range in size ideally from 20-60 people, and that bring revitalization to the entire church of the city.

Our Values:

  • We do everything with excellence as unto the Lord for God’s glory.
  • Every single person matters to God, so we treat each with God’s love and with a view to salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • We live in obedience to the Holy Spirit and the Bible, and do all things by prayer in light of Scripture.
  • We pray.
  • Characteristics of a healthy church include: (1) disciples making disciples; (2) leaders training leaders; (3) congregations continually multiplying.
  • Reading the Bible together in “Bible Clusters” is our primary way of introducing people to the Lord and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel from Scripture.
  • Small groups and congregations (“Community Clusters”) provide the best spiritual environments for relationally-rich disciple making.
  • Biblical leaders train new qualified and tested leaders, and there is no shortcut to that process.

How We’re Accomplishing The Mission


Central to our ministry are Jesus and His Word as directed by His Spirit. We train believers to help others encounter God by engaging Scripture together through “Bible Clusters” in a discussion, group-discovery approach. We train facilitators to hold small “Bible Clusters” where together people READ the Bible, TALK about it, and then PRAY. We also use a GoTandem APP platform to give individually tailored Scripture to each person every day, knowing that we grow when we daily engage God’s Word. The technology is tailored to the individual, helps the church track progress, and keeps people engaged daily in the Word.


Charlotte Awake trains “Multipliers” using Jesus’ Luke 10 model of sending out His disciples in pairs to find those “persons of peace” in whom the Holy Spirit is already at work. “Evangeliship” stresses the unity of evangelism and discipleship as we train the next generation of leaders to share the gospel, lead people to Christ, help those new believers grow, and then to multiply themselves. This training includes “Multiplier Labs,” which couple biblical teaching with hands-on, “as needed,” mentoring within a cohort group discovery model. Again, we leverage technology to hold some of this meeting and group interaction online as leaders build relationships with others within their cohort. The ultimate goal is a community of practice among the next generation of self-multiplying leaders.


We keenly focus on men and young men with their specific roles within the church and at home. Young men, in particular, are hungry to make a difference in the world and are willing to engage these 21st-century disciple-making models.


Nothing happens without prayer. Charlotte Awake’s roots run deep among the citywide intercessors who initially founded the ministry. Prayer is central to our labors, and we continually engage effectively in “targeted prayer” throughout the city.


One of Charlotte Awake’s distinctions is the favor God has given us to speak into the times through the wisdom of His Word. Simply (but mysteriously), God has given to Charlotte Awake through its founders, favor among the congregations citywide. We remain active in calling the church to revival and a healthy disciple-making church multiplication ministry. God raised up Charlotte Awake and its voice to speak into our changing times and the global movement of church multiplication ministry.

Who WE Are

Dr. David F. Ingrassia


Justin Roper


Rocky Norkum

Director of Ministry Operations

Amanda Ingrassia

Communications Director

Our Story: Charlotte Awake was established in the early 2000s by a group of prayer intercessors from across the church who had been asking God for generations for revival, the salvation of souls, God to work mightily in the marketplace, and for the lordship of King Jesus over the Queen City. Charlotte Awake continued for a number of years, but then became inactive.

In 2014, the Lord directed Pastor David Ingrassia to reorganize Charlotte Awake with the intent of revitalizing the church through planting 500 small congregations to bring new life and vitality, using the simple structures of the New Testament church to reach 21st century generations. 

Charlotte Awake is governed by a Board of biblically qualified elders who are accountable to the ministry direction, finances, and leadership.

  • Pastor David Ingrassia
  • Pastor Justin Roper
  • Pastor Dana Bryan
  • Pastor Walton Yuen
  • Mike Vaughn
  • Erich Rupprecht

Multiplying disciples by decluttering church…one heart at a time.

Thank you for partnering in helping Charlotte Awake complete the great commission by helping churches introduce God’s peace one heart at a time.


Multiplier Lab

Join us at our next Multiplier Lab and help us reach the next generation one heart at a time.

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Bible Cluster

Join us at our next Bible Cluster and learn about the Free training that is available to you.

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