About Us

Our Story.

The heart of what we do is organizing new disciples in ways that are not dependent on traditional assets, facilities, or structures, but are are rather adaptable to globalized settings.

Charlotte Awake is not a new ministry, but rather one that was built years ago on the prayers of intercessors who prayed for the Lord to move in Charlotte. We have a calling to call the church to revival in order to fullfill the Great Commission in new ways in these last days. We say “in new ways” but we are really talking about old ways. Ways the church used to use and, in some places in the world still uses. 

We are helping to connect people locally and globally at the same time– not just digitally but in flesh and blood. And we are helping to answer the question “What does it mean to be the church?” 

What is Charlotte Awake?

Episode: What is Charlotte Awake