What is Scripture Engagement?

We have talked about coming to encounter God through His Word— and that is engaging Scripture. But, what is so significant about “Scripture engagement?”

What is “Scripture engagement?” What separates the Bible from Moby Dick or David Copperfield? Or an inspiring book? Buyer

The thing about the Bible and the thing about engaging Scripture is that one of its authors is the Holy Spirit. And he is inspiring the human writers to write. And so it is logical that if one of the writers is the Holy Spirit that when we engage Scripture, we are actually encountering God. It’s not inspirational in the sense that Moby Dick might be inspirational— and by the way, Moby Dick would never be inspirational. I’m still rooting for the whale and I haven’t gotten through the book. But nevertheless, Scripture engagement is an encounter with God.

Breathed Out By God

Second Timothy 3:16— it’s a famous passage— says “all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching and reproof and correction and for training in righteousness.”

“Breathed out by God” means that God is one of the authors. And so when we engage the Scripture— when we read it, when we think about it, when we meditate on it, when we discuss it together, when we sit down in Bible Clusters in groups of three and four and more people and we engage this Word, we are actually encountering God. And the thing about encountering God is nobody remains unchanged.

The Bible Changes You

If you are a believer, it will help you to grow. If you’re believer in sin, it will help correct you. If you are nonbeliever, it will draw you toward Jesus. Or, if you are nonbeliever with a hard heart it, will actually drive you away from Jesus. But nobody who encounters God remains unchanged.

So, what we want to do is bring people to a discussion, a group discussion, over what God actually says in His Word. And that’s how people actually encounter God through His Word. And that’s the power of the Word. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit. And it’s a proclamation of the gospel by bringing people directly to God through His Word. That is “Scripture engagement.”


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