We ended 2019 with our fifth Multiplier Lab, and we are excited how far the Lord has brought us since hosting our first Lab just one year ago. In a year’s time, we have trained over 90 followers of Christ how to take the message of peace with God through Jesus and how to make disciples who make other disciples.  Our prayer is that many new believers will come into God’s kingdom as these Multipliers pray and introduce many to Jesus through Scripture engagement.

As we enter a new year, we will support these kingdom Multipliers in a new way by working together with them in small collaborative cohorts for training, support, encouragement, and prayer as they follow the Holy Spirit to reach specific fields of harvest to which they are called. In other words, our training will be a much more hands-on approach. 

We will continue to offer the Multiplier Labs to new individuals and congregations who want to be trained in ministry multiplication, and expect to be more effective through these cohorts that offer training in real time and on demand. 

We are praying that God will allow us to walk with fifteen Multipliers who multiply small vibrant communities of believers that in turn multiply to the fourth generation. The fruit of this labor would be about 500 new congregations of 20-60 people in Charlotte.  As such, Charlotte Awake acts a midwife to the birthing process of many new congregations. We dearly appreciate your prayers.

Get Involved

Come visit us and learn more about what we do. We encourage you to come to an Open House hosted at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary next year where we will share more about Charlotte Awake’s vision and mission.  

Authored by Dr. David F. Ingrassia, Pastor at Charlotte Awake