The courageous laughter of children at play, the crackling start of a cold mower engine, and the scent of charcoal in the air are all signs of the welcomed return of summer where the scales of the work-life balance tip a little more in our favor.   

These longer, hotter days brighten our streets and homes with more walking, chatting, and outdoor cooking that winter attempts to isolate every year.  And for the Christian, many more doors are opened not only for interaction, but acts of love towards our neighbors.   

One the best ways to love your neighbors is to pray for them.  Our ultimate hope for our neighbors should be that they receive eternal life, so we pray that God removes the blinders and softens their hearts to receive Him.   

Praying for your neighbors is a Spirit-led adventure for you, your family, and your Christian neighbors to participate in.  You can begin right now praying for the believing neighbors and the non-believing neighbors, the ones you know and the ones you do not know.   

Use a tool like to identify the neighbors around you, so you can begin to pray for them by name while in your home or on a summer evening stroll.   Ask the Lord for opportunities to pray with Christian neighbors for the lost in your neighborhood.  And ask the Lord for opportunities to show biblical hospitability to those who are desperate for God’s peace.   

If praying this way seems awkward, then ask the Lord to give you His heart for your neighborhood and to help you take first steps.  Remember, this is all His work though He graciously allow us to be the showcase for His love. 

 Authored by Rocky Norkum, Director of Ministries at Charlotte Awake