We bring some good news in this new year. Many readers of Revival Dispatch have encouraged us not simply by saying that they read through our newsletter, but that they actually look forward to reading the helpful articles!

We want Revival Dispatch to be much more than simply a vehicle to tell people what is happening at Charlotte Awake. We want to share the joy of ministry, so you can see what God is doing in His church during these often challenging times, and we want to help you become involved.

Beginning this month, we are making changes to Revival Dispatch to enhance the content by expanding the teaching, adding video stories, and finding creative ways to show what the Lord is teaching us as we continue to pioneer church multiplication in the 21st century. And we will increase the frequency of Revival Dispatch to quarterly to monthly.

Not only will be increase our content in the printed Revival Dispatch, but we will also make use of supporting platforms such as podcast, videos, and additional writings.Don’t worry, we will link everything together so you can find it. We want to make it easy for you to be informed, but also for you to become involved.

Every month Revival Dispatch will focus on one of the aspects of the Charlotte Awake ministry to help make healthy congregations within one church. That’s what Charlotte Awake does. We help the church make disciples and prepare 21st century leaders that help new believers grow. We pioneer a movement toward the New Testament church, but with the creativity, innovation, and technology of the 21st century to make new disciples of all nations. It’s the same church, but a new day and a new world.

If you follow us month to month, then you will notice that the themes we will present over this year will follow the progression of the training we offer both to individuals and to church congregations. There is a progression to these themes and the training that we offer.

Our goal is to help the church read the next generations through relationally-rich, healthy,congregations where disciples make disciples, leaders train new leaders, and where congregations continually plan new congregations. It all starts with prayer, and it focuses on Jesus and His Word.

So what’s coming?

February 2019
The Loving Church – The calling card of God’s Kingdom

March 2019
Bearing Testimony Before Heaven and Earth – Our purpose as God’s showroom

April 2019
Two Kingdoms at War – Like it or not, we are at war

May 2019
Kingdom Prayer – Armed to the Hilt

June 2019
Finding Persons of Peace – Setting captives free (the hornet has gone before us)

July 2019
Bible Clusters (part 1) – Encountering God through His Word

August 2019
Bible Clusters (part 2) – Removing the middle-man

September 2019
The Church: Local Kingdom Outpost (part 1) – An advance force of strangers and aliens

October 2019
The Church: Local Kindgom Outpost (part 2) – A brave new world

December 2019
Men’s Ministry

Special Edition
Yearly Recap

A special thank you to Donald E. Sanchez for use of the photograph with this article! You’ll be seeing more of his work in the upcoming months.