Once upon a time, there were two men, Roland and Kris, who loved Jesus and wanted to share the love of Jesus with people who did not know Jesus.  So they prayed and asked God for some people to share Jesus with. 

They both worked in the same office building and thought that it would be a good place to start, so they prayed for someone who was in need of peace.  A few weeks went by and they continued to pray.  One day, Kris was in a passing, office conversation with a co-worker, Mike, who briefly mentioned some trouble his son got into at school.  Kris quickly responded, “I’m sorry to hear about that.  I know that it can be a nightmare for you and your wife as you try to navigate this with your son.  If you don’t mind, I would like to pray for God to bring peace to your family.” Mike said, “Thanks, I don’t mind.”  

Before they parted, Kris asked politely, “Roland and I like to get together from time to time for lunch to read a small portion of the Bible, see what it says, and then talk about it.  We’re not scholars, just curious.  Would you like to join us sometime?” Mike replied, “That would be fine.”   “Well, this Friday is our next time. Join us if you can,” said Kris.  

The two men prayed continuously for their coworker.  On Friday morning while Mike passed his office, Kris sprang from his desk, “Hey Mike.  We’re meeting for lunch today as I mentioned if you can join us.  By the way, how are things going with your son?” Mike answered, “Amazingly, it’s working out.  And yes, I think I can join you. Where will you be?”

At midday, after they ordered their lunch from an eatery close by their office, Roland and Kris pulled out their Bibles.  Roland gave his Bible to Mike already opened to Luke 15 and used his phone app instead.  “What are we going to read?” Mike asked.  “Since sons have been on our mind this week, why don’t we read a story of a son,” Kris said.  “I’ll read the text aloud, but let us all follow together, and then we’ll talk about what it says.” 

Even though Roland and Kris knew the story well, it was not obvious to Mike.  To him, they seemed just as oblivious to the text as he was.  The first question, “What do you see?” didn’t elicit any responses of theological insight from the men, but basic observations of the scene the text was describing. “Well, I see a father who didn’t act like I probably would have,” Roland said.  “That’s right, it’s a bit odd, isn’t it? I mean at least hold back the party,” replied Kris. 

Both men could see Mike’s brain running as his eyes darted over the Scripture, engaging each word.  As he worked for a nugget to contribute, both men rejoiced in their heart that Mike was encountering their Father, and he can no longer be the same.  Then Roland and Kris prayed silently.

Charlotte Awake offers Bible Clusters as an easy way for believers to offer encounters with God through Scripture in their workplace, neighborhood, and anywhere. 

Authored by Rocky Norkum, Director of Ministries at Charlotte Awake