Multiplier Lab 3.0

Multiplier Lab 3.0 is a training about the Bible. It covers how the whole Bible fits together as an integrated book, and then how to best handle different genres of Scripture when leading a Bible Cluster.


Multiplier Lab 3.0 will equip you to be comfortable knowing how the entire Bible fits together as one collection made up of many individual books, and will give you best practices in how to facilitate a Bible Cluster disscussion around the various Bible literary genres. 

This Lab consists of two parts. The first part helps you explore the Bible through seven one-hour videos which can be watched at your own pace. The second part is a Friday night and Saturday seminar where you, along with other Multipliers, will learn in a Bible Cluster format how to handle distinct types of Bible passages: narrative, poetry, prophetic, wisdom, Gospel, and New Testament Letters.


Multiplier Lab 3.0 is currently in development. We hope to have it available for you shortly! In the meantime, contact us to let us know that you’re interested in taking this course. We’ll let you know once it’s up and running!


Multiplier Lab 1.0 or ministry experience utilizing the principles taught in Multiplier Lab 1.0, as determined by Charlotte Awake Elders. May be taken after or concurrently with Multiplier Lab 2.0.

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