Multiplier Lab 2.0

Everything happens by prayer, and since the “god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers” (2 Cor. 4:4), we do not send Multipliers into the Lord’s harvest without first praying for the Lord’s leading and empowerment. 

This training will help you deepen your prayer by learning what the Bible says about prayer and by praying.


This Lab will deepen your prayer by learning what the Bible says about prayer as well as actually praying.

You will pray with your 2×2 Partner in order to discern what “ministry field” the Lord wants you to enter. You will learn how to pray specifically to “till the spiritual soil,” and you will learn the power of prayer walking. You will begin to pray specifically to discover persons of peace to whom the Spirit will direct you.

Training takes place online and during a face-to-face meeting, but your period of prayer will be as long as the Spirit requires.

Chapter 1 : God's Love

Our desire to share Jesus with others stems from God’s love for us.

Chapter 2 : God's Resources

We pray for God to release from the storehouse of heaven the resources we need to advance His kingdom here on Earth.

Chapter 3 : Opening Doors, Eyes, Mouths, and Hearts

We share the gospel, but we ask the Holy Spirit to go before us to open doors to do so, the eyes and hearts of the people we speak with, and our own mouths.

Chapter 4 : Prayer as Praise and Worship

Prayer is a form of praise and worship that is necessary for spiritual battle.


This course may be taken during or after Multiplier Lab 1.0.

Course Dates

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Please note: To complete this lab, you will need to attend an in-person session in addition to watching the videos on this page.


Dr. David F. Ingrassia has a Doctorate in Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary and over 30 years experience as a pastor in both large congregations and small. He specializes in methods of discipleship, and known for his easy-to-understand and engaging teaching style. 

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