Multiplier Lab (September 25th-26th)

Be equipped with biblical principles to make disciples who make disciples.

This is no ordinary training, but it’s the first step to learn how to introduce people to Jesus through a biblical way of making disciples who make disciples. The Lord is calling millions of people around the world to follow Him as the church multiplies by the biblical model. Do you hear His call? 

We train the church to multiply without all the extra stuff. Look at it as a return to our New Testament roots where disciples make other disciples, where leaders train IN ministry not FOR ministry, and where church congregations just multiply like crazy no matter what the culture is.

Sound Exciting?

We have come to see that training seminars alone don’t produce effective ministry leaders. So, the Multiplier Lab will give you a passionate introduction to this ministry multiplication movement. Then we offer to you a series of hands-on, small cohorts with others where we walk with you ten weeks at a time to implement the biblical principles you learn in the Multiplier Lab.

We are interested in you fulfilling your ministry to make disciples, so we give training along the way and lots of assistance in actually doing the Lord’s ministry. It’s a commitment that we make to you because there is nothing more important in this life than knowing Jesus and introducing others to Him.

Multiplier Lab Overview

Topics for upcoming Multiplier Labs include:

• The Why: Showcase for God’s Love
• Kingdoms at War
• Weapon of Prayer
• Splinters of Life; Slivers of Grace
• Harvesting Ripened Fields
• Encountering God through His Word
• The Family: Church

This training will also equip and provide practice for attendees to:

• Ask questions that begin spiritual conversations with someone
• How to pray for people
• Transition into presenting the Gospel
• Share the gospel with the simple “3 circles” tool
• Know what to do and how to follow up with any response
• Be ready to train others in how to share the gospel
• Be able to start multiplying discipleship groups
• Option to go in the harvest

Who, What, Where, & When?

For individuals, families, small groups, Bible studies, and ministry teams of all ages and levels of experience. Children and youth are welcome to participate. We will meet from:

• 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Friday September 25, 2020
• 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Saturday September 26, 2020


Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
211 Marvin Road
Indian Land, SC 29707

Attendance will be limited to 20 because of COVID restrictions.  Attendance is free but you must register. Lunch will be provided and an opportunity to worship through giving towards expenses. This event will also be broadcast live on our Facebook page.


Multiplier Lab

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