Journey Groups

We were made for relationships.

What is a Journey Group?

A Journey Group is a small group that meets once a week either locally or online to share a journey of growth in freedom and identity in Christ, relational skills, maturity, walking by the Spirit, and creating connection and community in a way that cultivates a deeper walk with God.

Meet Dana & Pam Bryan

Before starting to lead Journey Groups, we decided to join one so that we would understand the experience from the inside. And that’s when we realized, “Uh-oh. I think we’re here for us!” We share more about our experience and why we’ve embraced Journey Groups in this short video!

Meet Our "Upstream" Guides

In our ministry of facilitating Journey Groups, Pam and Dana stand on the shoulders of those who have researched, developed, tested, and modeled the skills covered in these groups.  These are the folks who trained us; they are our “upstream” guides:

Neurotheologian, Chief Theoretician, Psychologist, and developer of the Life Model (along with other professionals at Shepherd’s house ministries)

Chris Coursey and Jen

Ed and Mauritza

Amy took the concepts, skills and information that are a part of the Life Model and laid them out in a bite sized, systematic way so that a group of people could walk through them together gaining skills as they grow in the rhythms of joy and quieting together.

Feel free to visit each of these ministry’s webpages to learn more about the history and development of all that undergirds these Journey Groups.

Next Steps!

Want more information about Journey Groups? Interested in joining a group? Let’s connect! Send us a message below, and Pam or I will get back to you!