Jim Peacock

Who is Jim Peacock?

Jim Peacock is a fourth-generation Floridian.  He grew up in Melbourne, FL which is located on the East Coast of Central Florida.  He met his gorgeous wife, Renee, when he was seven years old.  Jim and Renee began to date on September 23, 1986, and were married on August 12, 1989.  They have five amazing children and one beautiful daughter-in-law: Joshua, Caleb, Timothy and his wife Maddie, Micah, and Brittany.  The entire family moved to Waxhaw, North Carolina in 2012.  Jim has always had a passion for God’s word and making disciples who make disciples.

Jim joined the Charlotte Awake team as a Multiplication Catalyst. His role is to make, grow, and gather disciples of Jesus into a healthy network of multiplying communities that mobilize missionary teams to engage those who do not know Jesus in Waxhaw, North Carolina,  the Charlotte Metro area, and beyond. God has given Jim a vision to see a healthy community of disciples established in every major neighborhood in Waxhaw.

How You Can Support Him

Jim realizes this mission is impossible to accomplish alone.  Therefore he is asking God to do what only He can do; to be at work in his community and gather laborers for the harvest beginning in Waxhaw and continuing until there is no place left that has not heard the good news about Jesus.

If you would like to donate directly to Jim, click the donate button below and designate Jim Peacock as your donation designation.