What is a Disciple of Jesus?

Once you have accepted Jesus and His gospel, you are a disciple of Jesus. And disciples make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). As disciples of Jesus live their lives, they display the love of God to their families, friends, neighbors and coworkers. They become beacons of God’s great love for the world. But it’s not enough to just show, disciples also tell. They tell unbelievers about sin and the forgiveness that comes through Jesus on the cross. They tell unbelievers about the hope in Jesus’ resurrection. They show and tell unbelievers about the incredible, deep love God has for them.

For some, this is easy. But for many of us, this sounds like a daunting task. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Keep reading…

Scripture Engagement Through Bible Clusters

Bible Clusters allow believers and non-believers to meet God through His Word in a safe environment. In a Bible Cluster, participants read the Bible, talk about what they’ve read, and pray. That’s it. It’s simple but powerful.

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The Role of Prayer

Healthy disciples make more disciples. But before we can do that, we must remember our first love, and fall deeply in love with Jesus. If our love for Jesus and others is tangible – that’s an evangelism game-changer. So we start with prayer.

Ask the Lord…

• Ignite a fresh love for Jesus in my heart and stir up affection for the Lord Jesus. 

• Give me opportunities to share your gospel.

Help me to recognize and be attentive to those opportunities.

• Help me to be bold enough to talk and not be intimidated when these opportunities come my way.

Multiplier Lab

In a healthy church, disciples make disciples. Our Multiplier Lab is designed to train you to do just that.

We train the church to multiply without all the extra stuff. Look at it as a return to our New Testament roots where disciples make other disciples, where leaders train IN ministry not FOR ministry, and where church congregations just multiply like crazy no matter what the culture is.

Multiplying disciples by decluttering church…one heart at a time.

Thank you for partnering in helping Charlotte Awake complete the great commission by helping churches introduce God’s peace one heart at a time.


Multiplier Lab

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Open House

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Bible Cluster

Join us at our next Bible Cluster and learn about the Free training that is available to you.

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