Exposing Boys to Risk

Joining us on this Church Awake podcast is Nick Dotti, Camp Director of Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge. After serving in the US Army Special Forces for 20 years, the Lord led Nick to be a camp director of a wilderness, Christian, boys camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.  Nick talks about the need to expose young men to risk and doing it through Christ-centered community. 

“We are a relational camp. And we leverage that wilderness experience and the Christian community to build great relationships. And that’s what boys are lacking most in society today.” – Nick Dotti

Talking points:  

  • Deerfoot – Building godly young men in a Christ-centered community through wilderness camping.
  • Exposing risk to young men
  • It has to be in a Christian community
  • Boys don’t know how to play anymore.


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