Church Leader

3 Signs of a Healthy Church

1. Disciples making disciples.
2. Leaders training leaders.
3. Congregations planting new congregations.

Charlotte Awake labors to bring spiritual vitality to the church by training healthy believers to make disciples. This revitalizes existing congregations and plants new congregations.


How We can help

We train Multipliers (disiples who make disciples) in a simple, biblical model of evangelism.

We are also training a new generation of pastors, who are bi-vocational, biblically qualified,  and mentored so that they can shepherd God’s people in smaller congregations.

Multiplier Lab

Multiplier Labs train disciples to make disciples.

Multiplier Lab 1.0 trains people how to share the gospel with friends, family, and co-workers. They’re equipped with biblical truths necessary for sharing their faith and trained how to use the Bible to allow unbelievers to encounter God through His Word.

Multiplier Lab 2.0 helps those who have been through Multiplier Lab 1.0 deepen their prayer by learning what the Bible says about prayer and praying. It equips people to identify and enter the mission field the Spirit is leading them to.

Multiplier Lab 3.0 dives deeper and helps participants understand how the whole Bible fits together, and equips them to handle different genres of Scriptures in the context of a Bible Cluster group.

Mobilizing MEMBERS with Bible Clusters

Bible Clusters allow believers and non-believers to meet God through His Word in a safe environment. In a Bible Cluster, participants read the Bible, talk about it, and pray. That’s it. It’s simple but powerful.

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Multiplying disciples by decluttering heart at a time.

Thank you for partnering in helping Charlotte Awake complete the great commission by helping churches introduce God's peace one heart at a time.