As you might imagine, there are many moving pieces in the Charlotte Awake ministry. Each month we can only give you a snapshot of time, but we will highlight some of the most important happenings, or some of the things that might normally not make it into our communication.

For example, we are excited about our partnership with GoTandem and Back to the Bible with their latest revision powering the Charlotte Awake APP for your smart phones. To date, we have not publicized our APP because we are currently building content and waiting for a new and more powerful release of the APP engine. Lord willing, we will be able to tell you all about it in next month’s Revival Dispatch. When you sign up for our APP, you will receive a powerful tool to help you in your spiritual growth. Not only will you receive Scripture tailored to your spiritual profile, but you will also receive extras from Charlotte Awake. Sometimes it will be a video clip, sometimes an audio recording or teaching, and sometimes a quick summary of an important blog post. For the men’s ministry, we will also release Spotify music playlists. We are excited, so please keep this project in prayer. We hope to launch in March, or April at the latest.

In the background, we are building content as explained in this month’s Revival Dispatch. The Lord is directing us to develop this content and Bible teaching that will be helpful to you and will speak into the life of our city and beyond. Our goal is to release this content in writing, audio podcasts, and videos. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work and resources to do what the Lord is now directing us to do. Please pray.

We are relaunching the men’s ministry that is a citywide outreach to men and young men. Pastor Justin Roper oversees this multigenerational, multicultural ministry. We are praying for specific help to build this ministry and to connect it to area church congregations. We are looking for someone who can coordinate events and activities as well as others who can help with our content development. That will include everything from taking pictures and videos to scouring available online articles and resources that we can, in turn, can link through our APP.

Last year, under Alexandra Fisher, we began a ministry among young women. We desire not just to continue this ministry, but to expand it. We’re asking the Lord to provide workers for this field.

And then finally, but certainly not the end, we are working on training materials for our Multipliers. We now have two trainings called, “Multiplier Labs 1 & 2.” We are rewriting and improving Multiplayer Lab 1, as we are writing the soon-coming Multiplier Lab 2. Part of the challenge is that we desire to produce some of this training material on video, so that face-to-face training can now happen on a single Saturday morning, as opposed to eight weeks of classes.

We will continue to keep you posted. All of these efforts are to help fulfill our goal to help the church reach the next generations through relationally-rich, healthy congregations where disciples make new disciples, leaders train new leaders, and congregations continually plant new congregations.