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We Have Little Time to Change

“Houston, we’ve had a problem…” Command module pilot Jack Swigert, Jr. uttered what might be one of the greatest understatements of the 20th century as oxygen leaked from the crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft as it hurtled toward the moon at 25,000 miles per hour. A number of seemingly insignificant events should have warned NASA of the impending catastrophe, but no one put the pieces together in time.

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Still the Church Post COVID-19

“THE CHURCH IS NOT THE BUILDING.” A catchy Covid-19 banner hung in front of the campus of one of our city’s larger church facilities. Another Charlotte congregation, with a towering mega facility, once stenciled this reminder over every exterior door handle— “IT’S WHAT IS INSIDE THAT COUNTS.”

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Praying for the city of Waxhaw

Prayer meetings and prayer services are some of the least attended services in many churches and ministries. There are probably a number of reasons why that is the case, but I believe that we often enter prayer not expecting God to answer our prayer. Such was the case for me recently.

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Happy Fourth of July? It has been 244 years, but this year does not seem so happy. It is not a usual Fourth of July with fireworks, parades, beach trips, BBQs, and vacations. Instead, it has been lockdown since March and 125,000 coronavirus deaths. It has been protests, riots, looting, and takeovers in some cities. We are a nation currently fearful, angry, and grieving.

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The Hebrides Revival of 1949 caught fire out of a prayer meeting in a barn, saturated by the impassioned prayers of Peggie and Christine Smith and sparked by deep personal conviction of sin and repentance. In the days that followed, the Smith sisters asked their minister Rev. MacKay to invite a Scottish preacher Rev. Duncan Campbell to the isle of Lewis

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