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We become worshipers when we recognize how great God is. It seems to be a fitting response from a human perspective contemplating the eternal God that one would respond with Praise. Indeed, David responds with praise in verses 13-18. David uses this wonderful illustration of God’s creative power in making man to illustrate God’s great knowledge. These verses are some of my favorites in the Scripture. Within these verses we see that God made us perfectly and precisely.

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As a little boy I attended a small Methodist church in my hometown of Kings Mountain, NC. It was there I learned the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”- with all of its motions might I add.

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Corona Babies

We instinctively understand the differences among the generations passing through this time on earth. We generally mark these generations by birth years, but even more so by those shared and defining events during their formative years.

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The Life Built on Jesus will endure Covid-19

A few years ago my wife, Jenna, and I began the overwhelming process of looking for a new home. One of the first things our realtor encouraged us to do was to make a priority list of must haves. For those of you who have undergone this painful process, you understand what I am talking about. The only thing on my list was a study and screen porch. But most people get lost in the weeds and include in their lists things like kitchens, countertops, yards, etc.

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The Spotted Leopard and Coronavirus

For many in the U.S., we are entering the third week of coronavirus quarantine. We are cocooned at home, properly social-distanced, and sanitized like a hospital ward. We ZOOM to work online, dressed for business from the top, and lounging in pajamas below the view of the webcam. It’s the new working reality. The internet was supposed to free our thinking, recapture our time, and make our world a better place, but we are not sure at the moment if it’s become the technological jailor that holds the keys to our captivity. We sit chained to a desk and peer out at the coronavirus flood through the portal of the “Good Ship Internet.”

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