Multiplier Labs

We need multipliers.

It takes a healthy church to make healthy disciples. And healthy disciples make more disciples. They multiply.

It’s an old idea, as old as the New Testament itself.

Believers who exist in healthy, relationally-rich congregations, not only worship together, but also know and care deeply for each other.

Then they extend God’s love to those who do not yet know Him. They “make disciples of all nations’” (Matthew 28:19). They multiply.

So we call them Multipliers.

We train Multipliers in a simple, biblical model of evangelism, thereby revitalizing existing congregations and planting new ones. We also train a new generation of bi-vocational, biblically qualified and mentored pastors to shephered God’s people in smaller congregations.

Multiplier Lab 1.0

Multiplier Lab 1.0 is a training for those who are called to share the gospel with friends, family, and coworkers. Over a Friday night and Saturday morning, you will learn the biblical truths necessary for sharing your faith and using the Bible to allow unbelievers to encounter God directly through His Word.

Multiplier Lab 2.0

Everything happens by prayer, and since the “god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers” (2 Cor. 4:4), we do not send Multipliers into the Lord’s harvest without first praying for the Lord’s leading and empowerment. 

Multiplier Lab 2.0 will help you deepen your prayer by learning what the Bible says about prayer and by praying.

Multiplier Lab 3.0

Multiplier Lab 3.0  will equip you to be comfortable knowing how the entire Bible fits together as one collection made up of many individual books, and will give you best practices in how to facilitate a Bible Cluster disscussion around the various Bible literary genres. 

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