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Thursday July 26, 2018

Band of Brothers CLT

Daddy Daughter Date night is an opportunity to show your daughters (ages 3-18) how much you love them and how important they are to you. It’s a time to slow down, put away work and cell phones, and be 100% present.

Encourage her to dress up (and you do the same). Maybe buy her flowers. And make this ordinary Thursday night something extraordinary for her.

Hello. We are Charlotte Awake.

We have a calling to call the church to revival in order to fullfill the Great Commission in new ways in these last days. We say “in new ways” but we are really talking about old ways. The heart of what we do is organizing new disciples in ways that are not dependent on traditional assets, facilities, or structures, but are are rather adaptable to globalized settings.

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Charlotte Prayer Net

We pray for revival.

But prayer is not a formula for revival. It’s an expression of humility that precedes it. It’s a realization that we cannot achieve the mission, cannot direct the vision, cannot move the needles of success. It’s God who does it all. He just invites us into the process when we humble ourselves in repentant obedience by faith.

Charlotte Awake administers the Charlotte Prayer Net ministry on behalf of the church in the city of Charlotte. We are caretakers of this ministry. The heavy lifting of prayer is done by the Christians in the churches throughout the city.

Revival Dispatch

Bringing you teaching and news about revival and what it means to be the church, here in Charlotte and beyond.

Band of Brothers Charlotte

We strive to restore a healthy, biblical manhood to the next generation, by building multiethnic, multigenerational bridges in Christ throughout Charlotte, while teaching  men of all ages to worship, pray, and read God’s Word for themselves. We not only equip men to become more like Christ, but also to disciple their sons and grandsons as well so that families can fulfill the Great Commission.

Bible Clusters

Read. Talk. Pray.

That’s what you do in a Bible Cluster. It simple, but very powerful. Bible Clusters are groups of three or more people who meet together to read the Bible, talk about the Bible, and pray. In doing so, people encounter God through His written Word.

Learn more and get training at


Working togther to complete the mission.

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